20.2.2018    New pictures our puppies added.

6.2.2018    New pictures our puppies added.

25.1.2018    Our puppies have new pictures!

15.1.2018    We have new puppies! Four males and four females were born Diego and Cat!

25.8.2017    New photos of our puppies added.

5.8.2017    New photos of our puppies added.

29.7.2017    New photos of our puppies added.

7.7.2017    We have new puppies!

6.2.2017    There are currently no puppies.

28.1.2017    One  puppy (beautiful male Roy) looking happy home! Roy is very promising boy, nice type and super character.

16.1.2017    New pictures of our puppies added. For sale are two males!

26.12.2016    New pictures of our puppies added.

19.12.2016    Our  puppies are four weeks old, new pictures added.

21.11.2016    We have new puppies!

18.10.2016    New photos of our puppies 6 weeks old added. Two blac-tri males are free.

2.10.2016    New photos of our puppies added.

24.9.2016    New photos of our puppies added.

2.9.2016    Matty and Bonny are 9 beautiful puppies!!!

1.8.2016    In September we expect puppies from connection Bonny and Matty.

7.4.2016    New pictures of our puppies added

20.3.2016    Puppies welcome spring - new photos

15.3.2016    New pictures of our puppies added

8.3.2016    6th March born new puppies - two males and two females!

16.2.2016    Hacker in Blue - our beautiful merle boy is available!

22.1.2016    Our puppies are 7 weeks old - pictures here!

15.1.2016    Our puppies and snow - pictures here!

11.1.2016    Our puppies today completed a clinical eyes test - all ara free!